Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Summer wishlist !

Daisy head garland
this would be so cute with a lil white sun dress and gladiators on a nice day at a garden party or summin, my family likes to have tons of barbeques in summer 

Edward Bess all over seduction (illuminator) in 'after glow' 

perfect to highlight the skin on cheekbones and maybe the bridge of the nose, beautiful glow

Clarins mosaic bronzer
is this not just beautiful ?! and the multi shaded bronzer will work on so many skintones, cant wait to get my hands on one ! 

Essie nail polish in 'smooth sailing' 

Blue is my favourite colour and this muted mid-tone works with so many colours and essie polishes have easy application and only require 1-2 coats ! 

Marc Jacobs daisy perfume

lovely, lovely scent, so fresh and floral - perfect for summer. it is pricey so it will take some saving ! lets hope im disciplined enough to hold out for this one ! 

- whats on your list? id love to know , leave a comment ;) xxx

Monday, 20 June 2011

nail polish haul !

here are my most recent nail polish buys, i love every one of them and 2 are probably my all time top 5 !
the barry m ones are £2.99 and essie polishes are a whopping £9.95
First up is Barry M nail paint in flamingo, at first i was disappointed because in the bottle it looked more neon which was what i  was looking for, when applied its a little bit muted but nevertheless a fun very girly pink and ive worn this quite a few times

Barry M nail paint in Berry Ice cream, a gorgeous mid tone lilac, perfect for spring/summer and gorgeous with a tan!

 Barry M nail paint in blue moon, lovely baby blue, and looks especially beautiful on pale skin, i love wearing this with a white outfit! and this colour is trendy all year round !

Essie nail polish in Van d'Go, i had been eyeing this one for so long! ever since i saw fleur d'force (youtube guru) wear it, its rather pricey so everytime i purchase an essie polish its a once in a while sort of thing - but i never regret it! 2 coats and you get this gorrgeousss salmon pink peach colour LOVE! 

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

M.A.C Haul - swatches and reviews !!

So I ordered a few things from maccosmetics.co.uk and ive waited a while so i could try them each out long enough to form an opinion for this review for you guys :) so here it is :

*these pictures are not my own



This was one of the things that i was most excited about receiving. The image on the left is fairly true to the colour although i would add it is slightly more coral/orange. This lipstick is a frost, having said that i havent found it all that 'frosty' but there are some definite silver shimmer. I was more than pleased with this product, I love it and its perfect for summer ! cant wait to wear it! This lipstick is flattering on almost all skintones but especially beautiful on medium tan and olive skin tones.
Repurchase ? : YES !


This lipstick I had high expectations for, after looking at pictures and vids of it on youtube, I was convinced this would be 'the one' out of this haul, yet i was highly disappointed. When I first tried this colour it seemed bland and -not 'unflattering' but didnt really do anything for me. I am very pale and this is a really warm pink so I believe this is the reason. MAC claims chatterbox to be an amplified however I highly disagree and it is almost matte, i would say it is a satin finish. I recommend this one for darker skintones.
Repurchase? : no


I actually bought this one a while after at a mac store in London. I was going in to get the Lady G nude lippy that everyones gone gaga for but I got this one instead - it just called to me ;) im sure you've all been there.  This is an obvious amplified. I put it on and fell in love with it! although this image is showing up as a bright pink, it is alot more of a mix of bright pink and definite reds. in certain lights it can look red. This colour is beautiful on all skintones - really EVERYONE! so if your into bold then go ahead and snatch this stunner up. oh and by the way i do reccomend using a lip pencil with this incase of the colour bleeding around the edges
Repurchase? : absolutely yes!



I am so glad i got this one! one of my best decisions, especially since it goes PERFECTLY with costa chic -chuck 'em in your purse for the night and your good to go. Its a beautiful coraly pink, described by mac as a flamingo pink - this is very very true. Also looking stunning ontop of your fave nude for a beachy pink flush.
well thats all i can really say - i truly loveeee this product
Repurchase? : HELL YEAH!


Like chatterbox, i had high expectations for this one, at first i was quite disappointed i tried it and honestly regretted spending so much on it - cos lets face it mac aint cheap ! To be honest it didnt really do much other than some goldy shine, until i tried it with my YSL lipstick (rouge pur couture 10) which brought out the pink tones in it, I thought it looked great, its a mauvey pink with gold shimmer, and supposedly gold is more for darker skin, less for pale ones like me, so lesson learnt. however i will happily go on using it with the dusty rose kind of colour range lipsticks that i have.
Repurchase? : probably not



I saw this one in the last chance to buy section so i just had to try it, although it wasnt quite the exact colour i was expecting (i expected a slightly lighter posey pink) it impressed me as a product. It blends so beautifully on the cheeks and gives a lovely glow to the face, im really glad i got this to use for summer when i dont like to cake my face in powder so the cremeblend blushes are a much nicer option. If you have one or plan on getting one i suggest a liquid foundation -not only powder or mousse as this maximises the quality and complete look of creme blush. Repurchase? : definitely the mac cremeblend blush but in other colours

Shadesticks (cream eyeshadow stick) 

I got 2 shadesticks, one in taupographic - an ashy copper colour and one in shimmersand - a pinky champagney beige with gold undertones. I was highly disappointed with this product, not only were the colours a let down but they creased easily! with and without a primer. Taupographic was alot more orange than it seemed and shimmersand was not even slightly pink, it was a strong beige bordering gold when on.
Reperchase? : NO

Monday, 4 April 2011

Sporty Chic

Sporty Chic
Sporty Chic by debbie_misan_F101 featuring long sleeve tops

Totally Inspired by Chanel iman, references found in collections by Rag&Bone and Acne, also very much the Alexander Wang simplistic essence

My Teenage Dream

My Teenage Dream
My Teenage Dream by debbie_misan_F101 featuring vintage looking jewelry

This encapsulates my summer style, aside from the lack of shorts and head scarfs (styled into bow bands), this is my go to on a day to day outfit basis :)

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Red Carpet inspiration

So i have a big family occasion coming up and im struggling to choose the perfect dress.
As im sure alot of girls would, i turn to celebs and fashion magazines. Im pretty set on a floor length dress, not too sparkly - all though thats a recurring trend ive seen frequently on the red carpet, let me bring you back to Selena Gomez, JLo, Miley Cyrus, Gweneth Paltrow and Amy Adams, all rockin the bling.
Here are some dresses ive singled out as particular preferences and ive decided that instead of settling with some highstreet dress that only meets 40% of my ideal, im going to work with a seamstress to create a tweeked recreation of one of these A-List garments , so for any of you who were thinking the same:

perhaps in a different colour but this classic, clean cut, sexy yet sophisticated little number is perfect for almost all occasions, and if you wish you could change up the length to suit.

Now Kim Kardashian always seems to get it right, but how can she not when she looks fabulous in everything. Recently she's been going for very Greek-goddess-esque dresses and I really love the way they look, instead of white like her last, a deep colour enhances the richness of the dress, so elegant and the embroidery does it up for special occasions.

As much as I hate to admit it, because she is so self-centered and inlove with herself (lusms glee <3), Lea Michele always looks divine on the red carpet. What I like about this dress is the sleek fit and loose neckline, finished perfectly with a slim belt (very in this season) 

Angelina Jolie looks beauts in this jewel tone forest green, i really liked the straight neckline and edgy angled shoulders. Lately ive taken a liking to long sleeved dresses so this ticks that box, slight cinch at the torso and then flows down, stunning  -but can i just clarify that I am and always will be team Jennifer Aniston

Tuesday, 8 February 2011