Sunday, 6 March 2011

Red Carpet inspiration

So i have a big family occasion coming up and im struggling to choose the perfect dress.
As im sure alot of girls would, i turn to celebs and fashion magazines. Im pretty set on a floor length dress, not too sparkly - all though thats a recurring trend ive seen frequently on the red carpet, let me bring you back to Selena Gomez, JLo, Miley Cyrus, Gweneth Paltrow and Amy Adams, all rockin the bling.
Here are some dresses ive singled out as particular preferences and ive decided that instead of settling with some highstreet dress that only meets 40% of my ideal, im going to work with a seamstress to create a tweeked recreation of one of these A-List garments , so for any of you who were thinking the same:

perhaps in a different colour but this classic, clean cut, sexy yet sophisticated little number is perfect for almost all occasions, and if you wish you could change up the length to suit.

Now Kim Kardashian always seems to get it right, but how can she not when she looks fabulous in everything. Recently she's been going for very Greek-goddess-esque dresses and I really love the way they look, instead of white like her last, a deep colour enhances the richness of the dress, so elegant and the embroidery does it up for special occasions.

As much as I hate to admit it, because she is so self-centered and inlove with herself (lusms glee <3), Lea Michele always looks divine on the red carpet. What I like about this dress is the sleek fit and loose neckline, finished perfectly with a slim belt (very in this season) 

Angelina Jolie looks beauts in this jewel tone forest green, i really liked the straight neckline and edgy angled shoulders. Lately ive taken a liking to long sleeved dresses so this ticks that box, slight cinch at the torso and then flows down, stunning  -but can i just clarify that I am and always will be team Jennifer Aniston