Saturday, 29 January 2011

I think its time i let you in on a little secret :P


Starting with Mrs Jada Pinkett Smith - she epitomizes strength and glamout that is the dream woman. She is so smart and accomplished and lets face it she looks AMAZING. 
Now Willow... what can i say other than shes 9 and has a hit single (Whip my hair) .. 9! what an acheivement at such a young age - i dont quite get why she has a few haters out there, cut her some slack, shes a kid having fun and doing what she loves. Willow totally rocks that hairdo and is truly beautiful - oh and i must say i love her just that much more for wearing the UK pants :P 
Moving on to Jaden, jaden, jaden, jaden. This kid is DAMN FUNNY! and boy is he cool, hell hes cooler than mike posner (see what i did there.. i know im a dork :P) oh and did i mention he can dance, and learnt karate in china and is featured on the biebs song never say never ( which is my fave btw ). When im feeling down i just look up Jaden on the ellen degeneres show via Youtube and the laughs just keep coming ! 

AND OF COURSE WILL ! so much love for this ultimate star <3
Starting his career in music he was the only one at the time rapping about something other than tapping girls and smoking weed etc and no bad words ;) nice one will. i love this dude in 'the fresh prince of bel air' sooo much !! he has such natural humour and practically all of his jokes in it are his own originals. - im just gonna put in there that his co-star Tatyana Ali is such a gorgeous girl. - back to Will. He's been in so many Great movies ive lost count, 2 of which are in my top 10 favourite movies (Seven Pounds and Pursuit of Happiness) the latter which also starred Jaden Smith playing his son. 
Will smith is an amazing actor and he is FINE ! He is also incredibly smart and a wonderful husband and father - i reccommend watching them all on Oprah :D

well there you go, im sure you love them all too :D thats why I do xxx 


so this blog is really great and ive bought a couple of products that turned out super, check her out at -

Dont beleive the Hype on this one - BARE MINERALS FOUNDATION

So this is a product that has been advertising its effortless natural look it gives the skin. Its all  loose powders, that comes with 2 brushes to buff onto the face (1 is for fuller coverage). Now they say that if you want more all over full coverage then all you need to do is just keep adding more, now i have tried this and i can never seem to get more than a sheer coverage without it looking cakey if i just keep going and going... I wouldnt recommend it for someone to use as their whole makeup base even though they advertise that this kit is really all you need -LIES!! I feel it was a waste of my money so now only use it as a setting powder for my liquid foundation ( Bobbi Brown skin foundation SPF 15). Although it does come with a pretty awesome bronzer ( or as they call it 'face warmth' which gives a terrific tan colour that does look totally natural - so if i could go back i would have bought that seperately instead of with all the rest - which is what you should do to cause im really loving this brozer.

im back!

ok so im terribly sorry, its been way to long since ive posted something but ive just been so so so so busy with schoolwork and doctors and such but im back and here to stay !

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Winter Nail Polishes :)

Some people would say that winter is for tone down, dark nail polishes - I beg to differ. Who says you cant have a POP of colour to spice up an outfit ? here are some of my picks for what colour i think works in Winter  - please note this is only the bright ones, of course there are LOADS of great darker colours too :) :

1. This mid purple colour (reminds me of Barney :P ) is a funky splash for any greyish winter ensemble
This is Bright Purple by Barry M.

2. A light sort of Lilac shade of purple is a pretty, muted  colour to add some girlyness and lighten up your lovely young look. This is Lilac Dream, by Models Own.

3. A coral colour - though associated with summer, can be wonderful when used in winter, ive been wearing it recently and gotten so many nice compliments! It isnt too tomatoey, the perfect balance between red and pink, but with a cool neon  tone :) This is Tropical temptation by Revlon

4. Last but certainly not least, one of my favourites : a cool mint green, i prefer refreshmint by China Glaze but i find that is a lot lighter and suited best to spring/summer time, so I chose mint candy apple by Essie for this season, it has a slightly deeper iguana sort of green :)

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

^^ that my friends, is the one thing that makes it easier to pick up girls, while working at starbucks ... ;)
Rings are one of my all time favourite accessories, along with long necklaces and bags :) I especially adore the chunky, statement rings and their all the rage this year !

So I told you briefly that I dream of living in New York, Manhattan to be exact, but heres where I explain myself a little further. The city that never sleeps, the Big Apple, Fashion Mecca, City of Light theres so much to say about the big city. The endless culture to explore, the great music and duh!? lets not forget the style is phenomenal! The fast paced life and hustle bustle is perfect to keep me on my feet and I just LOVE to be right in the thick of it, so why not NEW YORK ? what do you think ? If youve been, what were your experiences? any good short stories to share ? ...

Hello !

So im new to this, but I love finding new and beautiful things to share with anyone out there who wants to see it :)