Saturday, 29 January 2011

I think its time i let you in on a little secret :P


Starting with Mrs Jada Pinkett Smith - she epitomizes strength and glamout that is the dream woman. She is so smart and accomplished and lets face it she looks AMAZING. 
Now Willow... what can i say other than shes 9 and has a hit single (Whip my hair) .. 9! what an acheivement at such a young age - i dont quite get why she has a few haters out there, cut her some slack, shes a kid having fun and doing what she loves. Willow totally rocks that hairdo and is truly beautiful - oh and i must say i love her just that much more for wearing the UK pants :P 
Moving on to Jaden, jaden, jaden, jaden. This kid is DAMN FUNNY! and boy is he cool, hell hes cooler than mike posner (see what i did there.. i know im a dork :P) oh and did i mention he can dance, and learnt karate in china and is featured on the biebs song never say never ( which is my fave btw ). When im feeling down i just look up Jaden on the ellen degeneres show via Youtube and the laughs just keep coming ! 

AND OF COURSE WILL ! so much love for this ultimate star <3
Starting his career in music he was the only one at the time rapping about something other than tapping girls and smoking weed etc and no bad words ;) nice one will. i love this dude in 'the fresh prince of bel air' sooo much !! he has such natural humour and practically all of his jokes in it are his own originals. - im just gonna put in there that his co-star Tatyana Ali is such a gorgeous girl. - back to Will. He's been in so many Great movies ive lost count, 2 of which are in my top 10 favourite movies (Seven Pounds and Pursuit of Happiness) the latter which also starred Jaden Smith playing his son. 
Will smith is an amazing actor and he is FINE ! He is also incredibly smart and a wonderful husband and father - i reccommend watching them all on Oprah :D

well there you go, im sure you love them all too :D thats why I do xxx 

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