Thursday, 13 January 2011

Winter Nail Polishes :)

Some people would say that winter is for tone down, dark nail polishes - I beg to differ. Who says you cant have a POP of colour to spice up an outfit ? here are some of my picks for what colour i think works in Winter  - please note this is only the bright ones, of course there are LOADS of great darker colours too :) :

1. This mid purple colour (reminds me of Barney :P ) is a funky splash for any greyish winter ensemble
This is Bright Purple by Barry M.

2. A light sort of Lilac shade of purple is a pretty, muted  colour to add some girlyness and lighten up your lovely young look. This is Lilac Dream, by Models Own.

3. A coral colour - though associated with summer, can be wonderful when used in winter, ive been wearing it recently and gotten so many nice compliments! It isnt too tomatoey, the perfect balance between red and pink, but with a cool neon  tone :) This is Tropical temptation by Revlon

4. Last but certainly not least, one of my favourites : a cool mint green, i prefer refreshmint by China Glaze but i find that is a lot lighter and suited best to spring/summer time, so I chose mint candy apple by Essie for this season, it has a slightly deeper iguana sort of green :)


  1. lvoe all the colores- my favorite is the first one. i have a shirt that exact color and it would look super with the polish. i might have to track that down and buy it. not sure if that brand is available where i live... never heard of it before. but i see on the bottle it has a website, so i'm sure i could order off the internet. great polished and i enjoy your comments on them as well.

  2. sorry for not spelling properly. lol i'm quite tired and need to go to bed! :D

  3. haha no worries :) glad you like the post thanks alot !